2009 Archive

April 2009

Letter From the Editor: GNOME 3.0
Join Jim Hodapp as he apologizes for the absence of GNOME Journal, describes his thoughts on the future of GNOME, and asks you, the readers, to start dreaming big for GNOME 3.0.

Behind the Scenes: Stormy Peters
Jayson Rowe interviews Stormy Peters, the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation. Stormy discusses how she started in open source, her role in GNOME, her view of GNOME’s future and more.

Cooking With Gourmet Recipe Manager
In this article, Sriram Ramkrishna takes a look at Gourmet Recipe Manager, a desktop application that creates and manages cooking recipes.

An Introduction to the Message Indicator
Ken VanDine provides an introduction to the messaging indicator for developers, including code samples in C and Python.

GConf Configuration System Concepts for Developers
Natan Yellin provides an overview for GNOME developers on how the GConf Configuation System works and how it can be used in developing GNOME applications.

GNOME Asia Summit 2008 Report
Emily Chen recaps the first GNOME Asia Summit, held this past October in Beijing, China.

July 2009

An Introduction to GNOME Zeitgeist
In this article, Natan Yellin writes about GNOME Zeitgeist, a new user interface for documents and user information in the GNOME desktop currently planned for GNOME 3.0.

Git for GNOME Translators
Og Maciel provides an overview of using git to help translate GNOME, including setting up git, translating strings, and pushing changes to GNOME.

Tracking Your Time with Project Hamster
In this article, Les Harris takes a look at Project Hamster, a recent addition to the GNOME Desktop that helps you track your activities over time.

Working With Upstream: An Interview with Laszlo Peter
Laszlo (Laca) Peter is a release engineer at Sun Microsystems working on Sun’s Desktop team. Stormy Peters interviewed Laszlo to learn more about how companies working with desktop technologies can work effectively with the upstream GNOME teams.

Jorge Castro takes a deeper look at GNOME Do and explores some of its more advanced features.

Behind the Scenes with Owen Taylor
Paul Cutler interviews Owen Taylor, maintainer of GNOME Shell and Sysadmin team member. Owen talks about how he became involved with GNOME, GNOME’s recent Git migration, and the GNOME Shell project.

August 2009

Putting the Network back into G(N)OME – An Interview with John Palmieri
Paul Cutler interviews John Palmieri to discuss network applications and innovation in GNOME, based on John’s recent talk at GUADEC 2009.

Writing Open Source Conference
Paul Cutler, a member of the GNOME Documentation Team, recaps the Writing Open Source conference held earlier this summer in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

Behind the Scenes with Lucas Rocha
Paul Cutler interviews Lucas Rocha on his history in participating in GNOME as a developer and board director, love of music, and motivation for hacking. Lucas is one busy guy!

November 2009

Telepathy, Empathy and Mission Control 5 in GNOME 2.28
For many people, Telepathy is just an incredibly complex specification for implementing instant messaging clients. The truth is though, Telepathy is so much more. Telepathy allows programs on the desktop to use what we think of as Communications as a Service.

Telepathy Overview
Sumana Harihareswara provides a novice’s introduction to Telepathy, covering its goals, a guide to its architecture, platforms that use it, its future, and how to dive in.

The Un-Scary Screwdriver
Cathy Malmrose gives a glimpse into a project where seven year old girls build desktops with Ubuntu for their grandparents.

Where are they now? The Participants of the 2006 Women’s Summer Outreach Program
As the GNOME Project gears up to kick off a new Outreach Program for Women (OPW), Marina Zhurakhinskaya and Hanna Wallach look back at the Women’s Summer Outreach Program (WSOP) from 2006. Marina follows up with the participants to see what they learned and how OPW can benefit from past experience.

Easy Breezy Beautiful GNOME Shell
Marina Zhurakhinskaya introduces GNOME Shell and its design goals.

GNOME desktop testing automation and how to use Mago
Ara Pulido reviews FOSS desktop application testing using a new API suite called Mago. Read on for an introduction to get you started in applying it to your open source desktop application.

Epiphany from a – not so experienced – user perspective
Diana Katherine Horqque examines the latest Epiphany web browser that runs exclusively on GNOME. If you haven’t given Epiphany a try lately, it might be worth your time. Epiphany is a lightweight and simple-to-use browser for when you just want to get things done.

An Interview with Leslie Hawthorn
Leslie Hawthorn, leader of the Google Summer of Code, talks about GSoC, mentoring, the GNOME Advisory Board and GNOME Foundation, women’s participation in FOSS, and her advice to new contributors.

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