2007 Archive

March 2007

Dancing Tango on the Desktop
Take a trip down the dancing Tango on the desktop lane. Hang on, because it’s a wild ride!

Cross-Platform GTK+ Applications: A Newcomers Perspective
In this article John D. Ramsdell describes cross-platform GTK+ application development from a newcomer’s perspective.

A New Breed of Free Desktop Companies
In the past two years, GNOME and the GTK+ projects have inspired many enterprising hackers to start companies and risk investing capital into a market that surprisingly has shown to be robust, providing not only adequate funding for these companies but room enough to expand operations. Sri will discuss where Fluendo has been and where they are going.

Letter From the Editor
We need you! That’s right…you! Come read why we need your help here at the GNOME Journal and what we need help with. The editor, Jim Hodapp, is back with a vengeance.

June 2007

Creating the GNOME 2.18 Live Media: An interview with Ken VanDine
Paul Cutler interviews Ken VanDine, founder of Foresight Linux, on building images for the recent GNOME 2.18 Live Media release. Ken discusses his goals in helping create new GNOME Live Media, the tools he used in putting the different images together, and his plans for future GNOME Live Media releases.

Exercising Your Application With Accerciser
Eitan Isaacson introduces Accerciser, a Python-based accessibility testing tool which allows testers and developers to assure that their applications are accessible.

Fun with GStreamer Audio Effects
Stefan Kost describes GStreamer features that have been implemented and that are in the works, and he steps users through setting up an example with which to play.

GNOME.conf.au 2007 Wrap-up
Davyd Madeley provides a summary of events at GNOME.conf.au 2007, including video and image links for several of the presentations.

December 2007

An interview with Daniel G. Siegel
Say cheese! Or maybe that’s “Cheese”? Either way, take a look at this interview by Sayamindu Dasgupta with Daniel G. Siegel, the author of Cheese, a funny GNOME application for taking pictures and videos from your computer’s webcam.

Review: Foundations of GTK+ Development
Davyd Madely reviews the book Foundations of GTK+ Development by Andrew Krause, and published by Apress.

Maryland Library Benefits from its Switch to Linux
Ian McIntosh interviews Amy de Groff, Head of IT for the Howard County Library, about their switch to GNU/Linux and implementation of Groovix, an Ubuntu-based distribution.

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