2006 Archive

February 2006

(De-)Forming Models with SharpConstruct
Creating 3D models usually requires abstract imagination; one needs to construct and merge geometric figures together. Claus Schwarm looks at SharpConstruct which uses a different, more visual approach to 3D modelling.

Writing a Widget Using Cairo and GTK+2.8, Part 2
In this article Davyd Madeley continues his tutorial on writing a clock widget using GTK and Cairo.

Behind the Scenes: Jeff Waugh
Lucas Rocha launches the Behind the Scenes series which aims to bring informative and entertaining profiles of people who contribute to GNOME. This is based on “The People Behind KDE” initiative. In this issue, he interviews Jeff Waugh, the perky pants guy. Enjoy!

Marketing GNOME Part Two: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
John Williams takes you through some of his own thoughts on marketing in general and how that applies to GNOME as a product that will compete effectively in a very cut-throat market. This is the second installment of a series on marketin

GStreamer 0.10 – What’s in it for the Users
Christian Schaller shows what the GStreamer team has been working on for the new 0.10 release. With new additions like an automatic plugin registry, support for the RTP protocol and greatly improved playback support, you’ll want to keep on reading!

April 2006

Three Simple Tips for Interface Design You Should Know
The GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) have always been a controversial topic among fans and third-party developers. Claus Schwarm shows you why the HIG is important and some subtle ways in how to utilize the HIG in simple but not always obvious ways.

Behind the Scenes: Elijah Newren
Continuing with his series about people who contribute to GNOME, Lucas Rocha interviews Elijah Newren, the GNOME release manager. Elijah talks about computational biofluid dynamics, Metacity and other GNOME topics.

Deskbar: A Bar For Your Desk!
With the release of GNOME 2.14, a new applet has been made available for the GNOME Panel: Deskbar. Deskbar is the all-in-one action bar, yet despite the name and its appearance, very few people actually know what it does, or how to use it. Davyd Madeley takes a closer look.

The Portland Project
The Portland Project recently gained attention by announcing plans to create an additional set of standards for Linux desktop environments such as GNOME and KDE. Sri Ramakrishna explains its aims, gleaned from a conversation with one of its lead architects, Waldo Bastian.

June 2006

The GNOME Community: End Users
GNOME is not just software, but also a community. But what is a community? Vincent Untz takes a closer look, starting with end users in this issue.

Behind the Scenes: Emmanuele Bassi
Lucas Rocha interviews Emmanuele Bassi, co-maintainer of gnome-utils and author of the GTK+ recently used resources support. Emmanuele talks about “desktop 2.0” and other GNOME things and shows his geek code to everyone.

August 2006

The Women’s Summer Outreach Program
You have almost certainly heard of Google’s Summer of Code, but perhaps you haven’t heard of the Women’s Summer Outreach Program, which is also being run by the GNOME Foundation this summer. Davyd Madeley teams up with Hanna Wallach to find out more.

Glade 3 sees the light of day
The GUI designer tool that has been building your GTK+ applications for years is back with a completely new generation of homegrown free software. Supporting all the widgets in the GTK+ 2.8 family, gnomeui widgets, the gnome canvas widget, and a whole new feature set, this new tool is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Tinymail: evolution and intelligent design
Many people today use mobile devices to stay connected. Dirk-Jan Binnema introduces Tinymail, a memory-efficient framework particularly useful to develop e-mail applications for mobile devices.

Behind the Scenes: Davyd Madeley
Lucas Rocha continues his look at the people behind GNOME with Davyd Madeley, GNOME Applets maintainer and author of the popular ‘Sneak Peak’ articles. Davyd talks about how he got involved with GNOME, why it excites him and his opinions on the next big thing for GNOME.

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