2005 Archive

January 2005

Experimental Culture
In this opinion piece, Seth Nickell discusses the culture surrounding GNOME, where the culture has been, where it is now, and where he thinks it should be heading towards.

Working with Remote Resources
A modern desktop needs to be able to communicate with network resources over a wide range of protocols. Jorge O. Castro shows how to connect to these remote resources and use them transparently in your day-to-day work.

CD/DVD creation with Nautilus
In this first article by a new writer to GNOME Journal, Ken VanDine covers everything you need to kow about burning data CDs or DVDs using Nautilus. If you’re looking for audio CD burning in GNOME, fear not, for we plan to cover this topic in a future GNOME Journal release.

The Liberal Arts Major Test
Think an average Windows user would be comfortable in GNOME? John Meuser interviews a liberal arts major at Purdue University about her two year journey with getting to know GNOME.

Galago – Presence for the Linux Desktop
Instant Messaging is becoming ever more pervasive in our lives today. Once upon a time, it was limited to geeks and a minority of our friends, but as we begin to connect with more people, things become much more complex. Christian Hammond explores the more subtle problems of Presence Management.

Getting Help from the GNOME Community
Ken VanDine takes you through how to obtain help for that one problem or issue in open source software that you don’t know how to resolve. Sit back, relax, and watch your problems go away!

March 2005

GNOME 2.10 Desktop and Development Platform
Heard about the new GNOME 2.10 release but you want to know what is new in it? Sayamindu Dasgupta takes you through a tour of GNOME 2.10 with a fine-toothed comb.

art.gnome.org Gets a Host of New Features
Hold onto your seats! Link Dupont takes you through the amazing changes to the art.gnome.org website. Warning – you might be inspired.

Audio CD Ripping and Burning in GNOME
In this article, Ken Vandine takes you through how to convert your audio CDs into music files using Sound Juicer and then follows that up by showing you how to burn an audio CD using GNOME Baker.

Evolution 2.2
Jorge O. Castro takes you through the evolutionary, or is that Evolutionary, changes to Novell’s groupware application for GNOME called Evolution. Oh, by the way, it’s new version is 2.2.

Simplified Package Management in Ubuntu Hoary
John Meuser takes you down memory lane on how you used to or currently do install packages in Debian-based Linux distributions. Now, thanks to Ubuntu’s Hoary distribution and some slick changes to Synaptic, it’s a breeze to install new software for GNOME and your entire Linux box.

July 2005

Marketing GNOME
John Williams, a marketing lecturer and member of the GNOME marketing team, looks at the prospects for the marketing of our favorite desktop environment. Much of this article is a summary of the recent developments on live.gnome.org and the gnome-marketing list.

RSS Feed Readers For GNOME
Weblogs and other internet sites deliver news on nearly a daily basis. Steven Garrity looks at RSS feed readers for GNOME, so you won’t miss a single item.

A Short Preview On Modeling With K-3D
In this article, Claus Schwarm takes a look at the history and the current development version of K-3D, a tool for 3D modeling, rendering, and animation.

An Introduction To F-Spot
With digital cameras getting less expensive, photo and image collections tend to grow faster then ever. Patanjali Somayaji shows how to master the problem with the F-Spot photo management system.

An Introduction To Foresight Desktop Linux
Take a glance at a very new and up-and-coming Linux distribution that aims to showcase the latest GNOME desktop and applications within a very tightly integrated experience. Ken VanDine, the original creator of Foresight Desktop Linux, takes you on this journey through what it has to offer.

Through The Looking Glass
Are you looking for a present to get for your favorite developer? Davyd Madeley reviews Robert Love’s Linux Kernel Development, 2nd Ed, and finds an interesting use besides the author’s suggested ones.

September 2005

GNOME’s Summer of Code Participation
Google’s Summer of Code is over and so are the eleven projects that GNOME developers mentored. Julien Gilli and Akbar Pasha contacted the participants to find out what they reached, what it was like to take part in this summer-long event, and if it was fun to collaborate with the the GNOME community.

GOCollab — Peer to Peer Document Collaboration
Claus Schwarm and Martin Sevior show how GNOME Office applications, in particular Gnumeric and AbiWord, can be connected to allow multiple authors to directly collaborate on document creation. Welcome to Peer to Peer Collaboration for GNOME Office!

The Banshee Music Player, an Introduction
Just another audio player or one that rocks the competition? Ken VanDine provides a tour through the features of Banshee, formely known as Sonance, a music player that is already expected to become the default player for some distributions.

GNOME Deployment: Pangea
For immigrants and refugees, the Internet is an easy way to stay in contact with familiy members and to find news about their home country. Murray Cumming describes how an Internet center in Austria uses a small GNOME-based thin-client system to provide access for them.

Remote Desktop Administration Using Vino
Helping other with computer problems can often be complicated, especially if you are far away. Marcus Bauer explores and explains Vino, the default remote administration utility of the GNOME desktop.

Notes on Translating GNOME
Being a translator with the bengali localisation team and volunteer for GNOME since v.2.2, Runa Bhattacharjee shares her experience gathered in the past 2 and 1/2 years of work about technicalities and nuances that develop while doing such translation jobs.

December 2005

Macedonia Deploys 5,000 GNOME Desktops in Public Schools
When the Republic of Macedonia decided to deploy Linux in 468 schools and 182 computer labs nationwide, they chose GNOME on an Ubuntu distribution. Arangel Angov met with Darko Arsov, Technology Integration Manager at the Education Development Center, to find out more about their reasons for using GNOME.

Get to Know GnomeMeeting
Video telephony over the Internet is not common place for Joe User yet, but its importance is growing. Julien Gilli takes a closer look at GnomeMeeting and talks to its main creator and developer, Damien Sandras.

Writing a Widget Using Cairo and GTK+2.8
Since version 2.8, GTK+ renders many of its interface widgets with Cairo, a powerful vector graphics library. Davyd Madeley explains how you can implement your own GTK+ widget using Cairo for the actual drawing.

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