Time’s Making Changes – A Letter from the Editor

Paul Cutler writes his first Letter from the Editor.

I am honored and thankful to have been entrusted with GNOME Journal from our outgoing Editor in Chief, Jim Hodapp. Jim has done a wonderful job over the last six years in launching GNOME Journal and working with countless volunteers to produce almost 20 issues of GNOME Journal over that time.

In Jim’s very first Letter from the Editor way back in September of 2004, he launched GNOME Journal with its mission:

  • Fill a gap in the lack of original content centered around GNOME
  • Provide a centralized place for people wishing to learn more about GNOME and using a free software desktop who use a different operating system
  • Because it’s a cool idea

That mission is as true today as it was six years ago. GNOME Journal will always hold a special place for me as it was one of the areas I first became involved in volunteering within the GNOME community. It started with the little things – I helped the GNOME Journal team with editing, including the Annual Report which Lucas Rocha would ask the GNOME Journal team to help with. After GNOME Journal took some time off in 2008, a few of us spoke up about getting it back up and running, and last year I took on the role of release coordinator helping to get new issues organized, finding authors, writing articles and communicating with the team. Or as I like to think about it, herding cats.

As Jim said in his last Letter from the Editor about GNOME Journal: It is a testament to voluntary organization that we’ve produced original content about GNOME on a consistent basis. And that has been true over the last year.

In the last year we’ve accomplished a lot:

  • The first special edition with a theme focusing on Women in GNOME
  • Long time contributors like Jorge Castro write articles and new contributors write multiple articles, such as Jim Nelson and Jono Bacon
  • Stormy Peters, in addition to her day job as GNOME’s Executive Director has conducted multiple interviews for GNOME Journal, including an interview in this issue with Quim Gil who represents Nokia on the GNOME Advisory Board*We’ve welcomed new editors to the team including Scott Anderson and one of my favorite Linux journalists Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier, who also contributed an article
  • Last, but not least, Sumana Harihareswara has edited more articles than I can count and has also written for GNOME Journal

Sumana takes over my role as release coordinator for GNOME Journal, and I am thankful to have her on the team. In the short time I’ve known Sumana, I am continually amazed with her passion for writing, open source and the number of interests and hobbies she has.

Sumana and I, as well as the entire GNOME Journal team, plan to continue to publish GNOME Journal on a regular basis and in every issue we try to include articles for GNOME users, developers and at least one interview that’s relevant to GNOME. We also have ideas to build upon special issues dedicated to certain themes and have more surprises in store throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy this issuse as much as you’ve enjoyed past issues of GNOME Journal. I would love to hear your feedback about GNOME Journal, whether it’s this issue in particular, ideas you have about future issues or how to continue to improve GNOME Journal. You can email me at pcutler@gnome.org. And if you want to get involved, we’d love to have you – this was one of the first ways I became involved in free software and you can too.

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