Letter From the Editor

Preview what GNOME Journal has to offer. Jim Hodapp, Editor in Chief covers what GNOME Journal is, and what it is not.

Welcome to GNOME Journal! I am very excited about this first edition and I hope that you enjoy all of the original GNOME- related content. Let me give you the reader some greater insight into why there is a need for GNOME Journal:

  • There is a current lack of original written content centered around GNOME – GNOME Journal fulfills this void by creating original content that focuses on the technology, community, philosophy, and general happenings within the GNOME umbrella.
  • A void that is largely unfilled currently is how to effectively market the GNOME desktop to people who either currently use a free operating system and don’t use GNOME, or to attract those people who use another operating system altogether GNOME will not run. GNOME Journal will provide a very tangible and centralized place that people can read to gain original insite into what GNOME is and what they can do with it.
  • Lastly, GNOME Journal is entering into existence simply because it is a cool idea. It is my hope that it will also spur on increased appreciation for GNOME and allow more people to feel like they can get involved in the community.

A Call for Help

GNOME Journal has a lot of potential to create a prime example of what the GNOME community can produce. By definition, for this to be a community project, it needs many people to help make it a reality. GNOME Journal will start out small with a limited number of articles. If more writers join that can help write an article regularly or even a guest writer for one issue, that will help to create and expand the number of articles that GNOME Journal can offer.

If you would like to get involved with anything related to the production of GNOME Journal, then please get in contact with someone in #gnome-summary on irc.gnome.org.

Current Issue

In this current issue we have only a small number of articles. However, that doesn’t mean that they are of low quality nor does that mean that we’re not taking this new undertaking seriously. On the contrary, we hope to expand this magazine into a large online publication. Maybe even one day we will find the right opportunity to print hardcopies of the magazine too. In the meantime, enjoy the brand new GNOME 2.8 review by Sayamindu Dasgupta. I’m sure you’ve read one of his previous GNOME reviews as he has always taken it upon himself to produce. He, however, now writes for GNOME Journal!

You might also enjoy to read all about the fanstically new Evolution 2.0 which will release at the same time as GNOME 2.8. Evolution 2.0 is on the same release cycle as GNOME because it is now a part of the core GNOME desktop release. Jorge Castro has written an excellent piece detailing just about every imaginable thing to do in Evolution 2.0. Take a peek at his review.

Final Thoughts

Let me personally thank you for visiting the GNOME Journal online magazine site. We hope that you enjoy this first edition and that we can gain many loyal readers for the future. We are still discussing how often to release each new edition and are currently open for suggestions. Current thoughts are to release one issue per month, 4 issues per year, or even an edition per every new GNOME release. Please email any suggestions to me.

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